ABOUT Skudata Limited Liability Company

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for non-GMO, versatile and sustainable food supply and raw material. Skudata Limited Liability Company helps fulfill this ever growing demand.

As a leading sheller, Skudata Limited Liability Company is about more than sourcing seeds and nuts. We’re about cultivating relationships – on farms, in manufacturing plants and at dinner tables around the world.

Our core competences includes a diverse group of workforce, efficient project management skills, valued network across several markets, and valued partnerships with our customers.

Because we participate, observe and advise all parts of the supply chain, Skudata Limited Liability Company delivers credible information, efficient, safe and secure results for the customers we serve. Businesses turn to us for expertise on operations, applications, and sourcing connections.

We are more than a handshake or a promise. We are committed to superior quality everytime.

Our Values

Teamwork: we’re diverse workforce with different ideas, united together to achieve one goal.
Respect: We carry manners and politeness to our workplace to make it more comfortable for everyone
Open communication: we have a culture which gives everyone equal opportunity to participate and make a difference.

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Preobrazhenskaya 5A, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine 65000